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Mystery Jets – Greatest Hits

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I normally hate name-dropping. I gleefully walked out of “Garden State” when they mentioned The Shins directly. I ejected “High Fidelity” because they name-dropped the Beta Band.

I don’t like pandering.

I do like it in this case though. It’s relatable. We can all remember a long-term relationship where you had shared records that you needed to divide in a Monopoly-like hostage media negotiation. What’s even stranger is that we could have all easily taken them all and said “fuck you” but we didn’t because many agree it’s beyond cruel to withhold music. And then you don’t even want to listen to what you fought for because it reminds you of that time.

But the Mystery Jets aren’t name-dropping here. They’re just giving us some “real talk” with all the energy of Supergrass and the observation of Belle & Sebastian.


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