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Navigateur – Ghost of Xi Xi

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Yes, it’s ever so self serving to make a Navigateur song our song of the day. But the shit of the matter, is that we are fans. Ian and I started a record label BECAUSE we heard Navigateur’s demo and wanted to be a part of circulating it to a larger audience. Fast forward to now and Navigateur has just released the Slurrr EP. Yours for the low price of 5 bucks! “Ghost of Xi Xi” is on the EP and is insanely infectious. It’s such a great homage to early 90s R&B and is infused with forward thinking synth pop grooves. Navigateur is quickly showing a refinement from the heavily texturized sounds that warranted the chillwave tag to a preciseness and focus on structure that makes this track and others on Slurrr so addictive . . . songs to be revisited and rediscovered frequently. Synth pop? Funk nouveau? Be sure to catch Navigateur’s performance at the upcoming Suntier Music Festival at the UNF Student Union Ballroom on April 21st!

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