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Navigateur – River of Light

Just what the world needs . . . another record label. Well, yes, yes it does. It is with strange amounts of giddiness and only the slightest amount of  trepidation about our financial futures, that we announce the conception of Synconation Records. We will be offering digital and vinyl releases from the artists that we think are making the most interesting work. It wasn’t hard to select a launch artist. Yes, there are so many great bands making incredible music that need to be heard, but Navigateur, is by far one of our favorites. I’ve previously surmised Navigateur’s sound:

Steering north through a sound emulsion by way of layer after layer of texture, Navigateur creates more than atmospheric soundscapes posing as songs. The seemingly separate components continue to meld together, in a western expansion nonetheless, bridging any divide with an affinity for soul . . . and soul music. This fondness for R&B and the now forgotten former occupants of chart pop, substitutes what many in the genre fill with an entanglement, a sycophantic outpouring for a single decade and the analog machines that made the sounds so magnetizing (do I really need to say that I’m referring to the 80s?).

There is reverence for analog sound and 80s inspiration permeating through Navigateur’s music. A sun-drenched warped sensibility flows through these songs making them feel nearly tangible, projecting a veneer that will send you on introspective trips, all the while, making your head bob.”

River of Light” is a perfect introduction to Navigateur, sometimes capturing an effervescent inspiration, other times emitting a more poignant air. It would be easy to label it as chillwave, but it offers far too many dimensions to fall comfortably within that category.

“River of Light” will be available on Navigateur’s upcoming digital EP that we are going to offer for FREE.

That’s exactly right. We want you to download, share, burn, copy, love, converse with, bake cookies and go on a bike ride with this music so much, that we are coming out of the gates with a FREE offering. Be on the lookout. We will be providing frequent updates as to the progress and when we have release date, we will let you know. In the meantime, share this track with friends, family, acquaintances, ex-boyfriends and girlfriends and complete strangers if you feel so inclined. Enjoy!

You can visit the Navigateur SoundCloud page to hear more and be sure to “Like” Navigateur on Facebook.

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  1. parallelograms says:

    psychedelic summer

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