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Nosaj Thing – DJ Set (Live on KEXP)

Sam Rockwell - Moon

We’re always breaking barriers here at Synconation. Even our own! Today I present you a milestone in Synconation history: Synconation’s first “DJ Set of the Day” or DJSOTD, for us lazies.

I stumbled across this footage while perusing live shows of Baths on YouTube and was blown away by Jason Ford’s (a.k.a. Nosaj Thing) equally impressive mastery of a MIDI controller. This is a prime example of how live performances by electronic producers should be. No mouse-clicking here, just total confidence and control over every element in your workstation.

Ford hooks you in early with a sexy, minimalist IDM beat, with light samples interjected at key moments. He does a good job of keeping things interesting by chopping up his beats and moving the set in a melodic direction. Some moments are just downright pretty.

If you make beats and thought you knew the ins and outs of your controller, think again. Nosaj Thing shows us that we’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

Best Time and Place to Listen: When you need something to help drive you along as you work on an intense project.

If This Song Was a Celebrity it Would Be: Sam Rockwell in Moon.

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