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Onra – L.O.V.E.

He’s back, people! Parisian beatmaker/producer and Synco-office favorite Onra recently gave us a taste of his latest work via his Soundcloud account by means of a little thing called “L.O.V.E.“. Awww….

Yaphett Koto in Live and Let Die

Yaphett Koto in Live and Let Die

The opening arpeggio/sequence instantly recalls the feel and groove of last year’s smash hit record, Long Distance, on Ireland label All City Records (see our interview with Onra where he talks a little bit about the making of Long Distance). Nevermind the awkward MC moments he injects in the beginning and end. If you hang in there, the track evolves into a sweet, pulsating groove perfect for any club, party, or general dance-off situation. This track makes me feel like I should be moving fast on something. A sportscar… A helicopter… A skateboard? At any rate, “L.O.V.E.” proves that Onra’s still got it and that despite having his hand dipped in a number of projects (starting a label, touring, working on a follow up to Chinoiseries Pt.1), the man still knows how to bring the boogie.

Best Time and Place to Listen: Next time you’re speeding off to save the world… do it in style.

If This Song Was a Celebrity it Would Be: Yaphett Koto in James Bond: Live and Let Die.

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