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Pogo – Bloom

It’s Friday and there’s no reason not to post anything lighthearted. This takes it to the extreme, I guess. Pogo is a producer from Perth. Apparently there has been no new music produced in Australia in the last decade due to some kind of isolated apocalyptic situation, which explains why people like Pogo and The Avalanches are so popular. Pogo gained popularity for remixing tracks using Disney samples exclusively (on many tracks, even percussion is sampled from films). Eventually, Disney caught wind of this and sued the shit out of him.

NOT! They contracted him to make an assload of remixes for their new releases. His contract is up now, but he’s still fairly active. This track is really fantastic. Extremely chill yet erratic. I think it really showcases how homogenized Disney’s leading ladies are. I don’t really care after hearing it arranged this way.

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