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Prince – Little Red Corvette

There’s not a whole lot I can say to illuminate you any further on Prince. It’s a majority consensus that this guy is a genius. And with the help of Charlie Murphy, we know that he kills it at hoops too. He simply had to be included in a song of the day for our 80s week, it was just a matter of deciding which one. “Little Red Corvette” was on the album 1999, released in 1983. This song embodies all of the best elements of the decade. A drum machine and sweeping synth buildup, Prince’s patented vocal style, background vocals that creep in, a rocking good chorus, a ripping guitar solo, one of the coolest breakdowns ever and bada-bing, you’ve got a classic.

So Prince was like, hey girl, “That one-night stand was a hell of a lot of fun, but you need to reel it in, find some of that real love.” You see, the girl is the “Little Red Corvette,” and Prince is like, “It’s time to be something a little more sensible, a Volvo perhaps.”

Best Place and Time to Listen: Whenever the question of, “Am I too old for this” hits.

If This Song Was a Celebrity It Would Be: Lindsay Lohan.

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