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Sea Cycles – Tomahawk

Sea Cycles possesses an infectious balance of clarity and passion in their sound. I find it invigorating in its integrity and enthusiasm. Not that everyone else making music has nefarious intentions, but their new 5-track album, What We Came For, shows a disencumbered vision. Most of the tracks, including “Tomahawk,” are built around a fragile spine, but with certain direction and a satisfying balance of sparseness, the cerebral, ethereal and even accessible. Lindsey Tuller utilizes her powerful voice unconventionally, positioning it like another instrument and never as an obligatory delivery of verse, chorus, verse. The guitars add rich layers without ever feeling overpowering and the drums are crisp, solid and even interesting. This is a great album period, but I’m even more ecstatic that it’s a Jax-based effort.

Purchase the album now on Sea Cycles’ BandCamp and learn more on their Facebook.

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