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Shabazz Palaces – An Echo from the Hosts That Profess Infinitum

Wow, I feel like I’m truly hearing something completely new. The brainchild of Ishmael “Butterfly” Butler, formerly of Digable Planets, Shabazz Palaces is the first hip-hop project signed to Sub Pop. “An Echo from the Hosts That Profess Infinitum” is off their recently released album, Black Up. At times head scratching, at others enigmatic and always intriguing, this is the type of song that makes you say, “I need to hear that again.” So glad that an arm of Digable Planets is making interesting music after the promise of Blowout Comb. There are even moments when I feel like I’m listening to a syrup sippin’ infused remix from DJ Screw. This is definitely a hip-hop project that is separating itself from the crowd. Cerebral, well-crafted, unpredictable and a tad eerie . . . yes please.

Best Time and Place to Listen: Either after you’ve taken hydrocodone, or want to feel like you’ve taken hydrocodone.

If This Song Was a Celebrity It Would Be: Hyrdocodone.

Purchase Black Up at your local record store or if you must, on iTunes.

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