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Space Monkeys – Sugar Cane

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It’s 1997, the Madchester scene is still technically around but they’re calling it post-Madchester now. Like most other bands in that scene, the Space Monkeys were signed to Factory Records. Allegedly, there is a second album produced by Prince Paul that was shelved due to the collapse of Factory Records.

In retrospect, this is pretty much standard “baggy” fare, but it’s got it’s charm and more importantly, energy. Nice guitar hooks, ambitious 1990s British proto-rap, and some delicious breakbeats.

This video is directed by David LaChapelle. It looks like his muse Amanda Lepore makes an appearance, although her boobs look too real here, so I might be wrong.

Interestingly enough, Keyboardist Tony Pipes is now an award-winning creative director with a shit-ton of awards and a dope showreel.

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