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Star Slinger – Elizabeth Fraser

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We did crown this track “Best Remix of 2011.” Star Slinger (Darren Williams) is surely humbled, and has quickly replaced The Guardian’s “Best New Act of the Year Label” with this honor from braintrust here at Synconation. So what’s all the hubbub? He took the much beloved title track from the classic Cocteau Twins album, Heaven or Las Vegas? and gave it all kinds of groove and soul. Remix is slightly misleading, as it’s truly more of a rework and is labeled as such by the artist. The original is a lush, fantastic song full of the textures that made shoegaze reverberate through other genres and kept it relevant for so long, even now in a time of shoegaze revival.

Star Slinger has a knack for really re-imagining songs, even giving them a new life of their own. You’ll want to turn this track up loud. No, louder . . . you’re getting there, louder . . .

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