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Sunbears! – Give Love a Try

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It’s an all Suntier artist week on Synconation! If you haven’t had the opportunity to see the SUNBEARS! live, you’re in for the ultimate birthday party meets psychedelia meets rock show extravaganza. “Give Love a Try” is the first single off of their new album, You Will Live Forever . . . available on multi-colored vinyl from Synconation Records! It’s this same infectious, enormous sound that has made the SUNBEARS! so easy to latch on to, but the material on this album comes from a slightly more nuanced place than songs on the EPs that came before and has seemingly shifted focus from monster hooks to complete songwriting . . . personally I love it all.

Suntier Music Festival, a UNF’s Osprey Radio event, is this Saturday at the UNF Student Union Ballroom and is completely FREE. Along with the SUNBEARS!, Emperor X, The Cadets, Navigateur, Antique Animals, Personnes, Jason Short and Sea Cycles are playing. The Facebook invite contains scheduling, location and band information. Hope to see you there!

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