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Suntier Music Festival Artists

Suntier Music Festival happens tomorrow at the UNF Student Union Ballroom. From 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., Jacksonville’s best bands will play this FREE show, produced by UNF’s Osprey Radio and curated by Synconation Records. In addition to the amazing artists featured below, you will see SUNBEARS!, Emperor X, The Cadets and Navigateur. Holla! And celebrate Record Store Day by supporting independent music in Jacksonville! Additionally, we will be heading to Burro Bar for the after party featuring Neighbors and After the Bomb Baby!

 Antique Animals

Embracing the old to make something that feels so new . . . there is no other band like Antique Animals in Jacksonville.

Jason Short

Internationally known electronic music producer, DJ and co-founder of Auralism Records, Jason has performed all over the world. Check out his DJ set recorded live at the Soundwave Festival in Vancouver Islands in 2010.


Charming, intoxicating and fun . . . Personnes creates the kind of well-crafted, infectious indie rock that you want on every mix you’ll ever make.

Sea Cycles

A Jacksonville-based psych-wave social experiment.” That’s their self description. Love it, love them.

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