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TEEN – Better

This song, from the forthcoming album, In Limbo, has sold me. What starts out as “just another jangle pop song” for me quickly morphs into so much more, alternating between sing along pop moments and intricate, driving synth hooks that lure you in and entrance you into an almost comatose state of heart happiness. There’s an element of 60s psychedelia lingering around the edges and permeating throughout, at varying degrees, without ever getting too intense or cliche. There’s a sincerity to the sound. Beyond that, there are moments of the song that feel like an all female Suicide number, and I say that as the highest form of compliment. In the recent wave of dream pop that’s become borderline epidemic and often times boring, this song comes at just the right moment. It reminds me of those dreams that linger in the early moments of waking, the ones you cling to for just a few more seconds, wishing you could slumber in their arms forever.

The band is comprised of Here We Go Magic keyboardist, Teeny Lieberson and her two sisters, Katherine and Lizze, along with friend, Jane Herships. The album, due out August 28, was mixed and produced by Spaceman 3’s Sonic Boom, and has quickly risen to the top of my must have albums for the year.

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