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The Cars – Blue Tip

There are few bands that have such a strong association with a particular decade, but still sound so fresh. In those desperate times that you have to listen to the radio, a Cars song is always a victory. They were able to take new wave, punk, and rock, and roll it into an infectious, pop friendly package in a way that so many artists are still trying to achieve. Their sound has this cool simplicity, a certain restraint that makes it so accessible and concise.

So while Ric Ocasek remained relevant, producing and making appearances on a number of great albums, I figured the days when The Cars made new music were long [face] over. But lo and behold, the surviving members got back together to release Move Like This (Hear Music records) this past May.”Blue Tip” could initially be mistaken for a Phoenix song, but it’s undeniably Ocasek when the vocals kick in. And as is their perfected recipe, the chorus comes in and is catchier than a S.T.D. in Bangkok. It’s all there and it still sounds fantastic; vintage synthesizer sound, crunchy guitars, the whole shebang.

Best Place and Time to Listen: Blast it whenever your workplace has their next T-shirt Friday. That’s right, let loose.

If This Song Was a Celebrity It Would Be: David Cross as Tobias Fünke.

Purchase Move Like This at your local record store or if you must, on iTunes.

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