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The Dove and The Wolf – Harvest

The Dove & The Wolf

The Dove & The wolf are a soft, folky band from Paris, France. Here is your chance to say that you got to hear them before anyone else has. They are brand new and they haven’t started getting buzz yet, though they are sure to in the next year or two. I can hear all of your complaints now, that the folk thing is getting boring, blah blah blah. While I tend to agree with you and think that the new folk movement might have been perfected by Will Oldham or Jason Molina, here is evidence that there are people out there still doing it right. I chose to use their cover of Harvest by Neil Young to introduce you to them because it’s always an easier introduction when showing the two entities being introduced what they have in common. For those of you who don’t like Neil Young, well, you have bigger problems than worrying about finding new bands on a music blog. There are two other songs on their Soundcloud that you should absolutely go listen to. seriously, stop what you are doing and go listen to them.

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