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The Hundred In The Hands – Keep It Low

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Remember the big epic “BBWWWAAAAAAAMMMM!” sound from the film Inception? You know the one. The one that tests the sonic superiority of your overpriced surround sound speakers and turns your upstairs neighbors into mortal enemies? That “BBWWWAAAAAAAMMMM!” was as crucial to that movie as any other aspect. Not even the crazy aerial stunts and camera work will be as memorable as the “BBWWWAAAAAAAMMMM!”   Imagine if Inception had no “BBWWWAAAAAAAMMMM!” For that matter,  imagine if Lisa Loeb had scored Inception.

The “BBWWWAAAAAAAMMMM!”  has been copied a lot lately. Watch just about any movie trailer that is trying to convey a sense of the epic, the outer-worldly, or the important and expensive.  Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, Prometheus, GI Joe, and probably six others, including The Smurfs, to name a few.  The “BBWWWAAAAAAAMMMM!” is fraught with peril as an advertising choice because most of us immediately know that the film is trying to ride on Inception’s coat-tails and bring in a few million dollars from the pockets of stoned teenagers and those of us who just downright crave the “BBWWWAAAAAAAMMMM!”

Let us analyse the “BBWWWAAAAAAAMMMM!” for a moment. It is a great way to convey a sense of  the mythological, the supernatural, the so-intense-that-you-better-wear-diapers. The “BBWWWAAAAAAAMMMM!” is a perfect finishing touch on any artistic medium that needs a veneer of the grandiose and extreme. It is a catalyst for your endorphins to pop and fizzle and tell your brain, “Man. That fight scene involving CGI commando zebras  was INTENSE!” The original “BBWWWAAAAAAAMMMM!” sounded like giant Nepalese horns we can imagine can only be played by huge walruses or perhaps Norse gods?  I hate to say it, but the “BBWWWAAAAAAAMMMM!” does add a tingle to just about any musical score it graces.  This song was fairly cool enough as is, but the “BBWWWAAAAAAAMMMM!” gave it that extra kick. (Ha! Inception humor) I imagine an multimedia web meme of this song with the caption.


You’re doing it right.

I welcome any and all readers, especially Mardy Peking, to note any other songs that successfully utilized the “BBWWWAAAAAAAMMMM!”


2 thoughts on “The Hundred In The Hands – Keep It Low”

  1. Kojima Yoshiyuki says:

    I would love if lisa loeb scored inception. it would instantly ad hello kitty branding to the movie

    1. Goff Errett says:

      Agreed. Loeb and her sexy eyeglasses would be preferable to, say, Randy Newman or Kenny Loggins…

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