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The Shins – Simple Song

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This is the catchiest damn song I’ve heard in a long time. “A perfect pop song?”, one may ask. If not, it’s very close. The Shins have returned with their latest record Port of Morrow, with the first single “Simple Song.” This song is beyond infectious (ear worm alert ya’ll!), and has one of the best hooks this hook connoisseur  has ever heard. The band has perfected what we’ve come to expect from The Shins. Yes, The Shins have perfected being The Shins. A mere derivative of an expectation? I think not. With the addition of Richard Swift, who has numerous solo records and stints with bands like Starflyer 59 and Damien Jurado  on keyboards, this already amazing band has only ascended. Listen and it will be stuck in your head. Then maybe we can get drinks and talk about it. You know where to hit me up.

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