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Twin Shadow – Five Seconds

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It’s become completely insipid to discuss anything surrounding the synth-pop, chillwave, indie electronic genres as throwback or as pulling heavily from 80s influences. But with that, I give you “Five Seconds” by Twin Shadow, a song that sounds like it could be on any “Top New Wave Songs of the 80s” lists.  The uptempo, infectious, completely danceable track is off George Lewis Jr.’s (Twin Shadow) new album, Confess. The album feels like it has a far more concentrated direction, and certainly a more polished sound than his debut, Forget . . . surely an effect of signing with 4AD. This is making a real run at being my “Oh girl that’s my jam” jam.

I didn’t use the official video here because of its extended intro . . . and rather indulgent production. Damn that sounded snarky!

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