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Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know

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Not every song of the day has to be about discovery . . . right? Two Door Cinema Club already has an adoring, and sizable, following. But it seemed appropriate on this St. Patrick’s Day eve to feature one of Ireland’s most interesting and infectious rock acts, although a “rock” designation doesn’t do what they pull off any real justice. They are able to effectively meld rock and danceable electronic sounds, even adding some afro pop sensibility. It’s catchy, it’s pretty spectacular and beautifully crafted. Two Door Cinema Club pulls from a wide range of influences and the mass appeal is a no brainer considering they have a sound that ranges in likeness from The Postal Service and Phoenix to Trophy Wife and Tokyo Police Club. the exacting guitar lines, ricocheting synth sounds and rather gentle vocal delivery combines in such a way that makes them so enjoyable on various levels. Be sure to ut it on your St. Patty’s Day playlist and enjoy your ensuing drunken stupor. “What You Know” is off the Glassnote released, Tourist History.


One thought on “Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know”

  1. Errett The Goff says:

    this has been my favorite song for the past week or so. Kudos!

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