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Vektroid – Mango / Fuji

I knew this guy who used to study at Georgia Tech. I think he was studying cartography or something. He worked some sort of 6pm – 2am shift pouring through municipal maps. He lived in the dorms and when he would get home around 2am he would use the communal bathroom. Each morning he started notcing things in the bathroom. At first it was innocuous things like a wet towel or shampoo bottles on the floor. It was always really steamy too, like too steamy for a bathroom at 2am. Then he started finding things like rubber duckies and water wings, even bething suits. Upon investigation he learned what was happening. During the evening, students were jamming the stall doors shut and filling them with hot water. Then they would have a big, weird hot tub party in all the stalls. Every night. Now, if you can suspend the initial revulsion of fetid, steaming water in direct contact with communal toilets, then you can enjoy something out of Real Genius – smart kids floating in a world of their own making.

That’s what this song (album) is for me. A fresh new outlook that’s a little weird and very moist.

Listen to and purchase Vektroid’s new album, Color Ocean Road, on BandCamp.

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