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YACHT (The Earth is on Fire) – Dystopia

In case you missed it in Julian Bravard’s recommendations article, YACHT (or Y△CHT, depending on how pretentious you are) is not about substance. YACHT is about Young Americans Challenging High Technology (no, really). YACHT’s live shows (until now) are like Girl Talk without the familiarity. They simply dance around and shout their lyrics at you. This “fuck it” approach to performing is evident in this synth-heavy electropop track. It’s so nihilistic that they directly borrow from Rock Master Scott & the Dynamic Three in the chorus: “The earth, the earth, the earth is on fire. We don’t have no daughter; let the motherfucker burn.” YACHT’s latest album, Shangri-la, dropped yesterday. If you’re DTF with them, check it out in its entirety at NPR.

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