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Young Diamonds – Time Scanner

Posted on 20 Aug 12 SONG OF THE DAY | No Comments
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My sad truth is that there are times when writing the song of the day feels like a chore. This is not one of those occasions. It is immediately apparent with Young Diamonds, a Brooklyn-based electro-pop duo, that they are experienced, deliberate craftsmen with a clear vision. There are clear influences here ranging from Level 42 and Talk Talk to The Cure and Tears for Fears, but with added threads of psychedelia and new age exploration that make each song a distinct experience. Thus far, I feel that this description is far more applicable to the rest of the songs on their self-titled album debut on Dream Weapon Music / Pacific Soundtracks Music, than with the featured song, “Time Scanner.” The track is clearly “the hit,” with an infectious Serge Gainsbourg sample and treated vocals that bring an AIR-air to the track. I appreciate the clean production, along with the refreshing restraint exhibited by the band. You can download the album on their Bandcamp page.

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