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Young L – Automated Oceans

Posted on 10 May 12 SONG OF THE DAY | No Comments
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I never listened to The Pack. When I heard Lil’ B, I was immediately disinterested in visiting his previous incarnation because (to me) he is overhyped and generally boring.

By chance, I checked out this mixtape based on the cover art not having a full-body shot of the performer on it. I was too quick to dismiss The Pack entirely, I suppose. Young L’s “Automated Oceans” from his Enigma Theory mixtape is brilliant. It feels like a lost Gorillaz track at some points. The intro ping-pongs around in your ear canal and after his first, contrastingly aggressive verse, we’re returned to the soft, lullabye sample that carries the entire song. I would say it reminds me of what Kanye could sound like if his career took a bad turn and I mean that in a good way. Bonus points to Young L for incorporating Wye Oak samples into two tracks from this mixtape.

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